Garage Floor – How to Tile Over Concrete

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Some garages house a large toolbox or two, a car – if it fits, a emergency garage door repair few bikes and a rake along with some other miscellaneous “stuff”. Other garages look more like the man cave they were originally intended to be since the advent of the garage. The inventor of the garage wanted men and maybe some women to have a place to hang out, “work”, admire their tools and keep the place clean enough to rival a hospital all while impressing their friends and neighbors.  Many garage-floors are made of concrete, while concrete is tough, durable and long lasting – it just doesn’t wow enough to leave it as it is. Adding vinyl-tile will make your friends and neighbors drool and their eyes will turn green with envy.

You have quite a few choices when it comes to adding a commercial grade vinyl-tile to the garage-floor depending on your style and tastes. Tile comes in a variety of styles, sizes, colors and finishes that allow you to turn the garage into a 1950’s throwback space or an ultra modern, futuristic space or maybe even a cabin-like setting. Installing commercial grade vinyl-tile over a concrete garage-floor offers the garage dweller choices ranging from simulated stone to a high gloss ceramic.

A handy do it yourself type homeowner, who loves his garage more than his house can complete this project in a few days.

Preparing the Concrete garage-floor for a Change

Remove everything from the garage to expose the entire floor.

Sweep all dust, dirt and debris off the concrete surface with a stiff broom.

Examine the garage-floor for grease, oil, paint or gasoline stains. Remove the paint stains from the concrete surface with a solvent. Treat gas, grease and oil stains and remove them.

Check the garage-floor for cracks, holes, chipping or flaking concrete. Repair the concrete surface damage and allow repairs time to dry. Look for high spots and depressions, fill in the low spots and grind down the high spots.

Look at the expansion joints between the concrete slabs to determine if they require repairs. If the expansion joints are rotting, missing or lifting, make repairs to the expansion joints prior to adding vinyl-tile to the garage-floor.

The garage-floor has to be flat and even because variation in height will cause the vinyl-tile to crack.

Choosing the Tile for the garage-floor

Find a commercial grade vinyl-tile seller.

Look for vinyl-tiles with a slip resistant finish. In case you actually do work in your garage rather than bask in its glory, spilled oil or grease presents a hazardous condition where you can get hurt if the vinyl-tiles don’t have a rough texture on the surface. You can still choose a bright and shiny red tile, the finishes are not noticeable.

If you find the tile you want, but the finish isn’t appropriate for a garage-floor, get the tile anyway. You can paint a coat of clear sand paint over the surface to create the slip resistant finish.

Laying Ceramic Tile Over a Concrete Floor

Measure the garage from side to side and write the down measurements. On the garage-floor itself, mark the halfway points along the walls with chalk. Measure the garage from end to end on each end and write the down measurements. Mark the halfway points on the garage-floor.

 Pull a chalk line from the center mark on the side of the garage-floor to the center mark on the opposite side of the garage-floor and snap the chalk line.

Pull a chalk line for the center mark at the end to the center mark at the opposite end and snap the chalk line.

You will now have four big squares on the garage-floor.

Add dry mortar mix to a bucket and add water according to the mortar manufacturer’s directions. Mix the mortar by hand or with a paddle mixer installed in a power drill.

Lightly mist the garage-floor with water from a garden hose to cover the entire concrete surface. If you don’t wet the concrete, the existing concrete will pull the moisture out of the mortar and the install garage door opener vinyl-tiles will not form a secure bond with the concrete. The mortar will crumble. The chalk lines may fade, but do not wet the floor enough to wash them away.

Put on a pair of kneepads.

Scoop up mortar with a trowel and spread a very thin layer over a small 2 by 2 foot manageable section.

Spread a ½ inch coat of mortar on top of the wet mortar up to the chalk lines. The chalk lines are going to be somewhat blurred at this point, but the center doesn’t have to be exactly perfect, just close.

Turn the trowel on its side where the notches are and drag it through the wet mortar to crete wavy lines.

Scoop up more mortar with the trowel and apply a layer to the back of the vinyl-tile, which is commonly referred to as buttering the vinyl-tile.

Place the first tile at the point in which the lines intersect and push it into the mortar.

Many commercial grade tiles may have their own spacers attached. Attached spacers look like a lip at the edges of the vinyl-tile. If the vinyl-tiles don’t have the lip, put a spacer at the corner of the vinyl-tile.

Butter the back of the next tile and press it into the mortar to the left or right of the first tile and put a spacer at the corners. Continue to butter the vinyl-tiles and set them above, below, left and right to create an expanding pattern.

After three to four tiles have been placed, lay a level across the tiles. If the bubble in the level is out of level, place a piece of wood on top of the tiles that are not level and gently tap the wood above tile with a wooden mallet to sink the tile into the mortar.

Continue to spread mortar, lay the tiles and check levelness tile in 2 by 2 foot sections until garage-floor is covered with tiles.

Wait until you reach the edges of the floor or encounter obstacles to make cuts to the tile. Use a wet saw, tile cutter or nippers to make cuts.

Let the tile set overnight.

In the morning remove the spacers.

Mix grout with water and spread the grout over the tiles with a grout float, pressing the grout into the gaps between the tiles.

Wet a natural sponge and wipe down the tiles to remove excess grout from the face of the tiles. Rinse the sponge frequently.

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Let the grout set for 72 hours.

Apply sealer to the grout to keep it from staining.

Types of Mental Illnesses

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Like adult mental disorders there are a number of childhood disorders as well. Child psychiatry studies have identified the need to study child psychology differently from adult psychology. This is because a child is dependent on parents and caregivers for emotional and other development. Moreover, children are less expressive in their words, and thus the disorders are more difficult to diagnose.

Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD/ADD): One of the most common childhood disorders, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder is characterized by hyperactive behavior, difficulty in paying attention and staying focused. The child becomes easily distracted, misses out on things, switches from one activity to other, is constantly in motion, talks non-stop, and often does not listen when spoken to.

Autistic Disorder (Autism): Autism or autistic disorder is a developmental disorder in which the child displays limited social communication and repetitive behavior. The symptoms can usually be seen at the preschool age. Certain developmental deficits like no babbling at twelve months of age or no words spoken by eighteen months along with loss of language or social skills can indicate autism in babies. In preschoolers, signs like lack of physical contact, avoiding eye contact and failure in communicating with others can indicate autism. The child may repeat certain behavior like stacking cups or placing things in a row. He or she may have certain rituals, and be extremely preoccupied with lights and moving objects.

Conduct Disorder: When there is a repetitive and persistent violation of rules along with flouting the socially accepted behavior, it is known as conduct disorder in children. Some of the common behavior exhibited include aggression towards people, cruelty to animals, stealing, fighting, destruction of property and violations of rules at school and home

Encopresis: This is the voluntary soiling of the clothes due to withholding of the stool. The stool which collects in the colon can leak out and stain the clothes. This is usually seen in toilet-trained toddlers above four years of age. Encopresis is a sign of constipation, or is caused by holding the stool due to psychological or neurological disorders.

Enuresis: Enuresis or bed wetting is the inability to control urination especially while sleeping. There are three types of enuresis including diurnal enuresis(daytime incontinence), nocturnal enuresis (nighttime incontinence) and mixed enuresis. While primary enuresis refers to children who have not been toilet trained, secondary enuresis refers to toilet trained kids who have incontinence due to some stressful situation. The behavior must be observed twice for at least three weeks for it to be diagnosed as enuresis.

Learning Disorder: Learning disorders is an umbrella term to define a wide range of disorders related to learning difficulties. These disorders affect how the person listens, speaks, understands and puts learned things to use. The learning disorders are grouped postpartum depression therapist in Seattle into different skill sets. These include:

Learning disabilities in reading (dyslexia) Learning disabilities in math (dyscalculia) Learning disabilities in writing (dysgraphia) Learning disabilities in language (aphasia/dysphasia) Learning disabilities in motor skills (dyspraxia) Visual processing Disorder Audio Processing Disorder Mental Retardation: Preferably known as intellectual disability, mental retardation is a developmental disability that is characterized by below average intellectual functioning and adaptive skills (skills needed for everyday life like learning language, social skills and work related skills). It is often diagnosed in children less than eighteen years of age.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder: This is a disorder that is marked by hostility and defiance towards authority figures. Common symptoms of the disorder include extreme anger, refusal to comply with rules, saying hurtful things, mean and spiteful behavior in children. The child may have frequent and inconsolable temper tantrums and anger outbursts.

Pica Disorder: When a child eats substances like clay, dirt, chalk or sand then he or she may have the pica disorder. This is especially true if the child continues to do so for more than a month. Some of these substances can be toxic like the lead in paint or hairballs that can cause intestinal obstruction. Nutritional deficiencies like an iron deficiency, acquired taste or mental stressors like parental neglect, family issues and poverty can trigger off this disorder in children.

Reactive Attachment Disorder: A rare condition but one which can have serious implications, reactive attachment disorder is when a child fails to get attached to caregivers or parents due to abuse or neglect. Orphaned children may suffer from this problem as well. The lack of necessary love and nurture can lead to withdrawing from others. The child is often not responsive to people, has no interest in playing with toys or other people and likes being alone. In older children symptoms like aggressive behavior, obvious awkwardness and discomfort can be seen.

Rett’s Disorder: A neurodevelopmental disorder that affects girls only, Rett’s disorder is characterized by normal growth in the initial six months of the baby’s life, followed by a slowing in the development. Slow head growth, problems with walking, wringing of hands, seizures and loss of muscle tone are some common physical symptoms. The developmental delay may be accompanied by a deterioration of the language and social skills.

Rumination Disorder: This is an eating disorder in children which is characterized by constant regurgitation and re-chewing of food that is undigested. This is more often seen in infants older than three months and rarely in younger children or adolescents. This disorder is often accompanied by symptoms like bad breath, stomach indigestion, chapped lips and weight loss in babies.

Selective Mutism: This is a childhood psychological disorder in which a child who can speak restricts himself or herself from speaking in social settings or at school with unfamiliar people. This form of extreme social phobia is especially common in children who are younger than five years of age.

Separation Anxiety Disorder: Separation anxiety in children is described as a fear or anxiety over separation from the parent and home. The child may suffer from excessive distress and worry at the prospect of being separated from the primary caregiver and familiar surroundings. They may refuse to go to Queen Anne ptsd therapy school, be reluctant to sleep and have repeated nightmares about being separated. In some cases, the child may complain of imaginary illnesses like headaches and fever.

Stereotypic Movement Disorder: This postpartum depression therapy is a mental disorder in children that is characterized by repetitive behavior like hand waving, biting oneself, nail biting or body rocking. The behavior often has a negative impact on the day-to-day life of the child and may even cause bodily harm

Tic Disorder: Abrupt, often painless, rapid movements or sounds are known as tics. There are two types of tics, motor and vocal tics. Motor tics can range from being simple tics like eye blinking or head jerks or complex tics like biting, banging and making obscene gestures. Similarly vocal tics can range from meaningless sounds to complex vocal tics like coprolalia wherein obscene gestures and sounds are made. When both motor and vocal tics are present it is known as Tourette’s disorder which is a more complex form of tic disorder.

Seattle, Washington Whale Watching Tours

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Seattle Washington offers a unique whale watching tour for visitors to the area. You can enjoy three hour or longer tours of whales. You can expect to see gray whales, orca whales, minke whales or humpback whales depending upon the time of year.

Tours originate out of Everett, Anacortes and Port Angeles routinely. You can join a tour that is already scheduled or schedule your own private tour. There are plenty of places for whale watching near Seattle.

In fact, some of the tour services are so serious about whale watching that they offer visitors a guarantee that they will see a whale no matter which tour they embark upon between the months of March and October.

The Pacific Northwest enjoys being home to a wide diversity of wildlife. They also enjoy being home to fantastic scenery, calm protected waters and of course, whales. Lots of whales.

While on your whale watching tour you may also enjoy seeing Stellar as well as California Sea Lions, Harbor Seals, Dall’s and Harbor Porpoises and Bald Eagles.

You’ll enjoy a world class tour and all of the locations are easy to get to. Everett is only 30 minutes from Seattle and you’ll appreciate the Naval base as well.

The Anacortes location is a mere 90 minute drive from North Seattle and you won’t require a Ferry ride if you choose to visit Victoria B.C. while you’re at it.

Or, if you’d rather, the Port Angeles location is idyllically located on the Olympic Peninsula just minutes from Olympic National Park. The Washington Coast has much to offer in a wide array of opportunities to see such sights as Hurricane Ridge, Whale watching tours, Edis Hook and a unique tropical rain forest that is in a temperate climate.

Whale watching tours can be enjoyed by young and old alike and you’ll appreciate how very affordable such tours are.

As soon as you leave the marina’s you’re in whale watching waters so you’re sure to see whales no matter which tour you select to go on.

Orca tours depart from both Downtown Settle on Lake Union as well as the San Juan Islands which are located just north of Seattle.

Orca’s give a spectacular display of their girth and beauty when they breach the water. Crews on whale watching tours know their whales well and love interacting with the tourists and sharing their wealth of knowledge. There are plenty of great tour providers. One of our favorites is Tours Northwest.

Reservations are required and the sooner you can call the more likely you are to be able to get in on the tour you desire. If for any reason you’ve cut it very tight with dates, please call for more options. In some cases there are cancellations that have occurred and some of the tours can get guests in on very short notice.

Young and old alike will enjoy and appreciate all that Washington Coast has to offer in the way of whale watching tours. With guarantees to see a whale no one will go away disappointed when they are booked into one of these tours.

Finding The Best Dog Food

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A lot of people love their dogs as if they were their own children. Because of this, it is important to pay attention to what you are putting into your dog’s body in terms of their nutrition. In this article, we will be going over some of the different things that you should consider when you are trying to find the best dog food.

Finding The Best Dog Food:

1. Ingredients.

The first thing that you are always going to want to look at and consider when you are attempting to find the best quality dog food is the ingredients. You want to be sure that you find the food that has the best overall ingredients in it because it is going to determine whether or not the food is good for your dog’s body. You should pay close attention to the top ingredients listed on the dog formula. This is going to go a long ways to helping you figure out how healthy the food is because the top listed pet stores ingredients are usually the most prevalent in the actual food itself. Ideally, you are going to want to avoid purchasing and giving your dog food that has a lot of low quality carbohydrates because dog’s main source of calories should come from protein. Therefore, you should try to find the dog food that offers the highest quality protein on the market. These are going to be the products that you should be looking for when you are shopping for your dog’s next food.

2. Brand.

Another thing that you are going to want to consider when you are attempting to find the best food on the market for your dog is the brand that makes the food. You want to be sure that the brand itself has a good overall reputation of making reliable and reputable food for dogs. You want to try to avoid purchasing food from manufacturers that have been involved in a lot of scandals involving their food because it is highly likely that they do not have the best quality control pets food and/or interests for their consumers and their pets. Be sure to find a good brand with a good overall reputation within the industry.

3. Reviews.

The last thing that you should consider when you are attempting to narrow down the different foods on the market is the reviews of the individual products being sold on the market. Ideally, you are going to want to find the food that has the best reviews because this is going to ensure that you find the food that is best for your dogs. If the reviews of the food are overwhelmingly positive, the chances are that the food is going to be a good choice for your dog(s). Whereas, if the reviews are overwhelmingly negative, you are going to likely want to avoid the dog food as the chances are that the food is not high quality and not advisable to give to your dogs.

Getting Into The Right Vacation Home Rentals

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It can be a difficult task to find vacation home rentals that are enjoyable for you to stay in. Anyone that wants to learn more should take time to research the varying options. When it comes to having the best rentals available to you the information that follows can assist you.

Try to rent from the owner of the property and not a company that wants you to go through them for a fee. While it may take you longer to find a home to rent, it will be a lot cheaper. Of course, if you don’t know the first thing about renting a vacation home, it’s better to work with a professional that has contacts. Just pay the right person and make sure their fees are reasonable. To do this, all you need to do is make sure you shop around and get prices for what you’re needing to stay in.

A home rental needs to be in a vacation spot that you can enjoy. There won’t be much for you to do if you try to get a rental out in the middle of nowhere. To figure out where you will be staying, most search engines let you put in an address to see it through their mapping. That way, you can see what is around the area if you’ve never been around there. It can be a good idea to know all of the roads around the area just so you’re not stuck looking for what you need all the time.

Would you like to have amenities like furniture and everything else in place? You probably will have to deal with a home with things in it that you didn’t put there with a rental. That’s okay though, you just have to be sure you leave the place in the way you found vacation homes for rent it. Too many people try having a blast and end up breaking things they don’t own just to have to pay for it. You shouldn’t stay in a place that’s really expensive if you’re going to be drinking or having people around that are rowdy.

A rental home is going to cost you a lot of money if you’re comparing it to what it costs to go to a motel and you’re staying in a luxury home. This is why you may want to find a way to rent a home until you own it. You can pay it off, and then when you want to go on a vacation you’ll have a home that you can decorate as you see fit. It will benefit you greatly to have the ability to stay on a vacation in your own place, so give that some thought.

Vacation home rentals are a fun and enjoyable way to stay somewhere during time away from work and every day life. When you get the right one to stay in, you’ll know it. It will meet the requirements you were taught about here.

The Lookout – Vacation Rentals

Reasons To Choose Seattle For Your Next Vacation

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If you are planning on going on vacation anytime soon, you might want to consider choosing Seattle as your destination. There are many reasons to choose Seattle. In this article, we will be going over some of the main reasons as to why you might want to travel to Seattle for your next vacation. There are even plenty of Seattle city tours to explore while you’re there.

Choose Seattle For Your Next Vacation:

1. Coffee.

If you want to travel to a place like Seattle, one of the biggest reasons to do so is because of the coffee. They are known for being the coffee capital of the United States. After all, this is the city where Starbucks was invented. Because of this, you will be able to enjoy all kinds of craft coffee that will leave you craving more long after you are gone. Even if you do not like coffee, it is fun to see the first Starbucks and to enjoy the local coffee scene. Some Seattle tours are focused around the coffee scene.

2. Mariners Game.

Another reason why you might want to go to Seattle is because they have the Mariners. If you are into baseball, you will for sure want to visit Mariners stadium as it is extremely nice and it offers a great view of the city. Even if you are not a fan of baseball, you are sure to have a lot of fun at one of these games. You can go with your friends and/or family and enjoy yourself at the ball game at Safeco Field.

3. Pike Place Market.

If you have ever watch television, it is highly likely that you have already seen Pike Place Market. It is constantly being featured in all kinds of food magazines, television shows, etc. Because of this, it would likely be a fun experience to first hand experience the happenings going on in Pike Place. You can even try to cash a fish on your own. But watch out, they are slippery!

4. Go To A Seattle Seahawks Game.

Another excellent thing to do if you are in Seattle during the winter is to go to a Seahawks Game. There is literally nothing like it. They are known for having the loudest stadium in all of sports. Therefore, prepare to have your ears ringing for days afterwards. However, nothing is more fun than cheering for the Seahawks at home. If you are into football, this is going to be a dream come true. If you are not very much into football, it is still a blast to go to the game and enjoy the football and the atmosphere.

As you can see, there is a bunch of things that you can do in Seattle. It is one of the best places to visit in the North West. Be sure to check out Seattle and visit the various places we described in this article. You will be sure to have an excellent time if you do so. To save money on your Seattle trip, try to plan ahead of time.

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